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“Clay Voyage” on Vimeo

Shaping clay into various intricate art pieces is perhaps the ultimate expression of creation as the artist weaves his thoughts, emotions and energy into a lump of earth. This may be the reason why so many different cultures have similar stories of Gods shaping Mankind from the dirt.

However, this story has nothing grandiose. This is about a man from in a tiny red dot on the globe. A potter named Alvin Tan Teck Heng, who grew up in a traditional Chinese family and took a career path that many consider suicidal in Singapore, the life of an artist. This is just a short snippet of his Clay Voyage. His voyage of artistic styles and more importantly, the struggle and motivation behind of this award winning artist.

Produced by Miki Sim & Daryl Ho

Book Launch “Alvin Tan Teck Heng Clay Voyage”

Testimony to a two-decade long voyoge in pottery, “Clay Voyage” features the development and explorations of Alvin as a professional potter. He begins with exploring a wide range of glazes and showed a transition overtime from craft to art where he ventures into dynamic abstract forms with a story to tell in each piece. From paying a tribute to unknown potters of China to celebrating the influential beginning of pottery in Japan, he continues to send a strong message of acknowledging our “roots” and showing gratitude for the contributions of those that came before us. In more recent works, he portrays clay work as a deeply healing journey for him and reinterprets the energy of sound healing in his works. According to Alvin, this is only but the beginning of his voyage…


CNA Coverage on AM LIVE

Alvin talks about his hopes and dreams in the preservation of a heritage of pottery art in Singapore – the famous “Dragon Kilns”. Singapore was once home to over 20 “dragon” kilns brought here by early Chinese immigrants to produce earthenware, and only 2 kilns remain today. He also talks about his first solo exhibition “Clay Voyage” in Singapore.

The Business Times – “Bowled over by the intricacies of Chinese Tea”

“Collecting might just make you potty. Just look at Alvin Tan TeckHeng who started with collecting teas and eventually got so steeped in its culture and history, that he is now fully dedicated to making tea bowls, besides other ceramic ware.

Collecting teas was the start of his journey, says the ceramic artist who now exhibits all around the region and the world. He started collecting teas in the early ’80s, and as one type of tea led to another, he discovered tea bowls, or cups as we call them today.”  – BT

Thai newspaper

Newspaper Article From Thailand

The inaugural “Bond KlayKeramic” exhibition 2013 was a combined group show of Southeast Asian artists from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines. The artists met belong to a self formed pottery club called SEAPOT and has travelled to each other’s countries for artistic exchange. This show is the culmination of the friendship and bonding among some of the SEA potters as they show how their interactions have interchanges have influenced their works.